Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer

A sleek design

Contemporary and elegant - at first sight this 147 square meters apartment does not belong to the 70s. And yet, this 1970s apartment has been completely re-decorated and transformed to reflect the personality of its owners.

The bedroom has been redesigned and the volume have been distributed similarly to a hotel room with the origami-inspired headboard as focal point. All the lighting, from the bedroom to the dressing room, are from "Arthemide". The bathroom, open to the room through a glass roof is bright, contemporary and minimalist. The second bathroom with its bath balneo exposes more mineral hues, which gives a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

The Leicht kitchen has been enlarged, open to the dining room, and equipped with high-end technology.

The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by SAS Romao.

Owner testimony

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Romuald & Jérôme
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