Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer


A retro-scandinavian union

How to make two very distinct styles work in the same apartement? A rather tricky job given by the apartment owners.

On the one side, the retro style : the kitchen's cement tiles were used as the starting point of this project. It was also used as inspiration for the bathroom's checked tiles. The materials and the furniture - subway tiles, washbasub et retro bathroo fittings – take one's mind back to the chic of the 50's.

On the other side, the scandinavian style : the living room, enlarged by the removal of a running corridor, is clear and luminous and is furnished with natural shades and materials. The floor and furniture are in oak wood, while the main wall is painted in a soothing blue, the stone blue color from Farrow & Ball. The natural atmosphere extends into the bedroom, in shades of white and gray, placed at the end of the apartment for more privacy.

But it's the furniture, which draws its inspiration from Scandinavia, that has been selected for their 1950's retro details (the inclination of the botom of the sofa and the coffee table). Those retro accents link the two atmospheres and bring harmony to the apartment.

The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by the SAS RCM company.

Owner testimony

« We hired Sebastien Markoc as part of the renovation of an one-bedroom apartment of 53m2, built early in the century and which has been poorly maintained. We first called on him for an estimate of the cost of the work before purchasing the apartment. His advice and expertise helped us in our decision making process. We then started working on the ideas and the future renovation. He knew how to listen to us, advise us and guide us, while taking into account our needs and imperatives, (construction and layout of the bathroom). He also knew how to be inspiring and bring us beautiful ideas, (complete design of the remodel of the kitchen). Satisfied with this work, we let him led the renovation and the follow-ups. We were particularly pleased with the speed with which he contacted the different companies. They worked with a very tight schedule and without any problem. The different service providers chosen by Mr Markoc have done a very good and efficient job. The budget was respected and we even benefited from some additions, (renovation of a door and a pantry). He also ensured the completion of the work once the service providers had finished. He showed great professionalism and great availability, which was particularly appreciated. We highly recommend him. »
Yannick Delherbe
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