Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer

Buttes Chaumont

Paris - buttes Chaumont

Former two bedroom apartment, this 50 square meters apartment in the Jourdain neighborhood in Paris has been completely transformed into a large one danish style bedroom. Previously made of small and partitioned rooms, the apartment has been redesigned and opened up. The walls have been repainted in white to maximize the amount of incoming light."

The kitchen has been transformed into a bathroom: simple, bright and functional, with a triangular shower fitting the shape of the room and optimizing the space. The current kitchen has been opened on to the living room creating a welcoming living space."
At the heart of this transformation: harmony and coherence in all the rooms, while using neutral materials and tones such as black and white.

The modern style of the appartment is particularly emphasized through the use of brass. From the ""Zangra"" lighting fixtures and sconces, to the handles in kitchen cupboards found in a small harware shop, brass inspires a warm and sophisticated atmosphere."
The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by Reflex

Owner testimony

« It was a pleasure to give life to our project guided by Sébastien. The apartment was our first purchase (50m2 - everything needed redoing) and it was also the first time we embarked on a work of this magnitude... Sebastien was able to reassure us and guide us to allow us to create the apartment we imagined. He is very good at explaining concepts, patient and great at reassuring his clients on projects which always inevitably give home owners a little anxiety! He knows how to create a well-balanced relationship with his clients by letting us express our wants and needs while guiding us to make the right choices. The service providers with whom he works are very professional, we did not encounter any problem. He gave very good advice also in terms suppliers. Sébastien hand-picks them according to your budget and your desires... no time wasted in benchmarking all the offers in the market. Lastly, Sébastien regular follow-ups on how things well on the renovation site allowed us to move in on time as he met all the deadlines! He is a real perfectionist and has great attention to details. A well executed work from start to finish. We strongly recommend working with him. »
Mme Fauran
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