Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer




The concept of this Parisian apartment was to give it back its Haussmann style while bringing light to all the rooms. To achieve this, we added the traditional crown moldings as well as moldings on the walls and we reworked the layout of the kitchen and the master bedroom to make them face the windows to get as much light as possible. The decorative elements such as the glass wall and the hall stand which includes a bench were tailor made to blend into the decor while remaining functional.

Owner testimony

« When I bought my first apartment 5 years ago, Sebastien Markoc managed and supervised the whole project, from plans, interior design to supervision. The result was refined, optimized and so Frenchy chic! Sebastien was also always calm and clever when unexpected events occurred (which always happens with this kind of projects) always finding a solution to make the best out of that. And I would say that the most valuable quality is to figure out quickly and precisely what will suit the best for each of his client. I immediately felt this apartment was made for me. I’m now moving to another place, and I found a buyer who was charmed by Sebastien’s work for the flat within 2 days. Needless to say that the value of the apartment increased considerably. I didn’t hesitate to call out Sebastien for the plans and interior design of my future apartment, even if he’s now working from LA. The process was smooth and easy going though, and I’m so pleased with the plans et and ideas he built for us. As we are about to start the construction work, the contractor praised Sebastien for all the documentation he provided. You can entrust Sebastien for your future project with blind eyes! »
Thibault DV
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