Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer


A contemporary and industrial style

This apartment of 90 square meters is the result of the reunification of two apartments and a storage room. The reorganization of the space has enabled the creation of two bedrooms and a large living area with an adjoining kitchen, living room and dining room. The old storage room gave way to a spacious shower.

The use of raw materials - brick, concrete, stainless steel - gives the apartment a contemporary and industrial feel. The colors used in the kitchen (red, gray and black) set the tone and have been infused in the living room, dining room and bathroom. The old chimney, which is out of use, has been replaced by a cast iron fireplace that gives the living room a cozy atmosphere. The well-being has been placed first in the bedroom where the bathtub has been placed on an island. A true invitation to relax.

The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by Ab Rénovation.

Owner testimony

« The project has been led very seriously from the start to the conception of the preliminary project, the execution and end of renovations. Great listener and always available, Sébastien guided me in the choice of materials, decoration and maintain contact and followed-up with the company he selected throughout the renovations. In short, huge congratulations on this project! »
Arnaud Ales
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