Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer

Le Marais

Design & Sophistication

In this parisian apartment of Le Marais, most of the rooms have swaped places. The rearangement of the room allowed the entrance of the house to be transformed into a modern functioning kitchen.
The general theme for this apartment: the blue in the living room - Sarah Lavoine SL35 - which respects the identity of the space while reinforcing its singularity.

For all the other rooms, the choice of colors was made on the basis of a declination of this blue, including Cromarty F & B, inspired by marine mists.

Each room was also marked by the use of a dominant material whether it's wood, cement tile or glazed terracotta.

The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by SAS RCM.

Owner testimony

« Sebastien Markoc guided us in the renovation / optimization of the space of our 70m2 apartment in Le Marais, Paris. He knew how to listen to our needs, our tastes in terms of decoration and knew how to reassure us when we had questions or doubts. We wanted color, a large bathroom with a shower and a bath, a sleek open kitchen that was as well practical. Today, the apartment is very pleasant to live in. It has been rearranged and modernized. In the bedroom, a bespoke dressing room was created. Sébastien met all the deadlines and coordinated the tasks with the company that did the renovations. He was great at following-up on each task. The monitoring of the site went well. I recommend Sébastien for his tastes, his rigor, his availability during those 3 months. We would almost want to start 10 years! »
Elodie Mandel
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