Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer


20 square meters on the top floor

These two small constricted apartments, joined by a corridor bought from the property management office, made possible the joining of the two rooms to create a luminous 21 square meters sudio.

The volumes have been inspired from ones of a hotel suite. The roof slopes gave way to storage spaces, while a large roof window brought light to the bathroom, thanks to a glass roof. What was the end of the roof has been transformed into a charming terrace with breathtaking views of Beaubourg, Paris.

The remodel, developed by the Sebastien Markoc agency, has been completed by Carrément9 and A2P.

Owner testimony

« We were very pleased with the work of Sebastien Markoc. Our project was to bring together two very small rooms to create a studio, and everything had to be created from scratch. Sebastien Markoc was able to redesign the spaces very creatively as everything needed to be functional and purposeful. He supervised the renovation during the 2 months of renovation, meeting the deadlines and the initial budget estimate. He always listened to us, he made himself available and we very much welcomed the quality of this relationship. »
Laurent Clerc
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