Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer

Beach House

Venice house

This house located close to Venice, Los Angeles, has been renovated in a beach house style. The kitchen and two bathrooms of the house have been completely redesigned, keeping the existing layout but using new materials such as terracotta, stone, brass and marble. All the furniture and decoration items have been carefully curated to bring a warm and brighter amosphere to the place.

Owner testimony

« There are many things I loved about working with Sebastien. First of all, he is extremely detailed and thorough. Secondly, he has impeccable taste. His design and style are very unique but also warm. Thirdly, he is very patient. I would consider myself a very particular person and yet he made everything so easy for me. He was very good at calming me which I appreciated. I would work with him again on any future projects. »
Carolina Sotomayor
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