Sebastien Markoc
Sebastien Markoc
Interior Designer


Guest House

This former garage was turned into a 1bed/1bath guest house.

The concept was to create an atmosphere inspired by traditional Greek architecture and combine it with the warm colors and textures that are found inside Balinese houses.

The bedroom was redesigned with curved niches and doors. I used limestone paint which is also very typical of the region, and added my personal signature touch by blending travertine stone and hardwood on the floor.


In the master bathroom, the atmosphere is similar but with a brighter tint. I added a skylight to add some natural light and give a peek on the beautiful trees that overlook the guest house. I designed a double vanity that blends marble for the counter top and the backsplash, antique brass finish for the faucet and concrete for the sink.


For the shower, I imported hand-made terracotta scallop tiles all the way from Morocco that are reminiscent of the curved walls. The shower walls were covered with polished concrete which are also commonly use in Greek architecture and have a raw look and feel. I had the glass door custom-made so that it would be arched like the doors and walls of the guest house.

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